H.P. Lovecraft’s
Miskatonic Project: Bride of Dagon

In the shadow-haunted seacoast city of Kingsport, the Deep Ones have arisen to claim a bride for their dark god, Dagon-Fleur Averoigne, the linchpin of the Miskatonic Project has been chosen as the vessel to give birth to a race of loathsome amphibians!

As Randolph Carter, Detective Thomas Malone and Herbert West The Reanimator race to recover the stolen Necronomicon and rescue Fleur, they battle flesh-eating zombies and slime-dripping monstrosities from the bottom of the sea!   


Story by Mark Ellis, Roy Thomas, and RJM Loccifier.  Art by Brian Bendis and David Mack.
100 pg, trade paperback, black and white.    $15.99
ISBN:  978-0-941613-55-2

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     Bride of Dagon                              15.99

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