STRANGE ATTRACTORS-The Complete Collection!

Collecting the original Strange Attractors saga from Michael Cohen and Mark Sherman. One of the leading independent comics in the 90’s, this collection brings the entire saga into one big package at a valued price. Sophie, curator of the Museum of Lost Things, gets caught up in a war between science and magic in this light-hearted retro post-modern science fiction where the comics she loves are actually coded history and she becomes a magnet for all sorts of cosmic weirdness.



385  Pages, black and white    perfect bound, $24.99
ISBN:  978-0-9826549-4-1




“Strange Attractors for me is possibly the most novelistic graphic story I know of with the possible exception of Watchmen and certainly the most novelistic series….Strange Attractors is that true rarity, an adult, amusing, multi-layered graphic SF novel.”
---Hugo and Nebula Award Winning Author, Norman Spinrad

“What creators Cohen and Sherman have undertaken is massive and what is more impressive is that they deliver!”
---Overstreet’s Fan

“This is not rave of the month stuff---this is rave of the year.  Wow, what a story!”
---Comic Buyer’s Guide

“In a barren desert of derivative movie and TV science fiction comics, Strange Attractors is an sparkling oasis of originality.”
---Steve Bissette, Tyrant and Swamp Thing

“Opening an issue of Strange Attractors and starting to read it is comparable to walking into an environment that creates in us a pleasure sensation at all levels.”
---Dave Sim, Cerebus, Glamourpuss

“A sweet and pungent postmodern nostalgic trip!  Strange Attractors brings butterflies to my stomach.”
---Rick Veitch, Brat Pack and Maximortal

“A compelling universe populated with the coolest female cast this side of Love and Rockets.  Cohen and Sherman are the Lennon and McCartney of postmodern Sci-Fi comic books.”
---Jimmy Gownley, Amelia Rules

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