Randy Zimmerman has been producing comics, in one form or another for most all of his life, from having a comic strip published to his hometown newspaper while still in high school, to having numerous properties and short stories published by a number of publishers, to self publishing his own works from time to time. Randy feels that comics, as an art form will always be his primary choice for self expression and entertainment.

Works by Randy Zimmerman include; Tales From The Aniverse (a funny animal universe of the future), an updating (modern continuation really) of the novel The War Of The Worlds, the zombie comic The Dead, the vigilante "superhero" known as The Fool, and the underground humor character called Spank The Monkey.

Randy enjoys working in many different genre's and styles, working alone on projects or with collaborators, in any and all aspects of comics, their development as well as their production, and has been a consultant and contributor to many small press publishers and comic book based websites over the years. Randy also helps to maintain the Arrow Comics website (http://www.arrowcomics.com) where he has an irregular editorial column and a webstrip featuring his Spank The Monkey character, as well as numerous previously published comics for sale.

Randy currently resides in the Mid-Michigan area with his wife and daughter and is a freelance writer and commercial artist. Additionally, for the last three years, he has served as the comic strip editor and regular contributor to his local alternative newspaper The Uncommon Sense, where he has an editorial cartoon and comic strip printed every issue (http://www.theuncommonsense.com).

In his remaining free time he is also working on a graphic novel featuring his Spank character, as well as numerous other proposals and projects like the offerings here.



1984:  First short story published (The Tale Of The Lindyjax And The Old Tin Box) in Just Imagine Comics and Stories #6.First Aniverse short story (I'm J.B.Space) in Journey #13

1985:  Numerous contributions to Fantastic Fanzine a fan based 'zine developed by Ralph Grifith and Stuart Kerr which would eventually become Arrow Comics.

          First issue of Tales From The Aniverse by Arrow Comics- six issues printed on a bi-monthly schedule.

1987-1989:  Editor-in-chief of WeeBee Comics

1991-1992:   Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of Massive Comics

                   Second volume of Tales From The Aniverse published- 3 issues printed on a quarterly basis

1993:  Listing in the "Comic-Book Superstars" book published by Krause publications.

1994-1995:  The Fool #1 & #2 and The Unforgiven published by Mythic Comics.

1996:  The War Of The Worlds #1-5 printed by Caliber Press.

           Shock And Spank The Monkeyboys Special #1 is published by CFD publications.

1997:  Arrow Comics restarted with Randy listed as Editor-In-Chief.  The company went on to publish over 50 different issues under Randy's tenure.

           Arrowcomics.com started.

1999-2000:  Spank The Monkey 1-6 published.

2001-2002:  Spank The Monkey On The Comic Market 1-3 published. 

2003:  Contributions to The Uncommon Sense newspaper begins, becomes "Comic Strip Editor" shortly after beginning work on the paper.

            Begins All-Star Screen Printing and Graphics a screen-printing and graphic firm based in Flint, Michigan.

2005:  Begins teaching after school courses on cartooning and comic book writing and creating in middle and high schools all around his local area.